MEATliquor $12 Kids Combo


Some kids only eat pizza. Others only eat ice cream. But any mom or dad will tell you: Every kid will chow down on a burger! Which is why we were delighted when hipster burger joint MEATliquor, hailing from London, has come up with a new menu just for kids. The delicious MEATliquor kids meal ($12) comes […]

Kids Drive Away a Free Car from Friso


The kids were thrilled to receive their powered ride on car from Friso! The twins climbed onto it and explore the various buttons as soon as it arrived. Oh yes, they were also captivated by the opening and closing of the doors.  The big brother came home to this surprise, had to give it a ride immediately and went honking […]

A Week in the life of a Blogging Mum


One of the things people seem to ask me over and over again is this: “How do you cope with twins?” This question usually comes from someone expecting twins, or someone who has a singleton and wonders what it must be like to have two squishy babies needing your attention. Or a neighbourhood auntie feeling concerned […]

A Letter to my Firstborn


Jaden turned FOUR last December. I figured it doesn’t take much to make a kid happy on his special day – a Transformer cake, some balloons and we’ll have the grandparents over. That’s it, cosy and simple. But as I went along, I thought, “Hmm… he is old enough to remember his birthday party now. […]

Uncle Ringo Carnival


A few weeks ago, I took Jaden to a fun carnival at Uncle Ringo, which is part of this year’s i Light Marina Bay. I figured he would find some of these rides more exciting than going round and round on his little Tomica car at home. Besides, which 4 year old kid doesn’t like amazing thrill rides that […]

Nobody else but US


I looked at my son from a distance, his silhouette against the orange sky. He was busy building a pile of sand with his huge spade, occasionally looking up to let out excited whoops at the growing mountain. It was then I realized, this is the kind of moment I would never get enough of. […]

Chinese New Year for 5


How’s the Monkey New Year going for you? For our family, this is the first time we are officially celebrating Chinese New Year as a family of five. For last year’s Chinese New Year, the twins had just turned 1 month and with 2 tiny beings sucking up most of my energy and me being […]