Agape Babies Review: What’s Worth your Dollar?

I used to organize hundreds of online shopping sprees for moms, including myself. We belong to the smart and savvy group, we know exactly what to buy online, which websites to get them from and how to stretch our dollar.
When I was expecting my firstborn, I stocked up on baby clothing in various sizes from popular US websites such as Carter’s, Old Navy and Ralph Lauren. I joined many other moms to get bath and skincare items, diaper cream and ointments, cloth diapers, branded kids shoes, diaper bags, baby carriers, vitamins and supplements, thermos food jars – all sorts of things. Whatever product that comes with a great review and is cheaper than buying locally (or not available locally), is considered a good buy.

My proud online shopping moment 3 years ago – My Kate Spade Barrow Street Anabel diaper bag costs me only SGD200+ while it retails at SGD800+ locally!

Today, this shopping spree phenomenon has somewhat changed. We see local distributors carrying more and more of such brands at highly competitive prices. Unlike going through a spree organizer, you need not wait 3 weeks for your shopping loots to arrive, or face any logistical problems when collecting your goods.

One of these specialized local online stores is Agape Babies. They carry a huge range – over 100 brands and 2000 products. But which are the ones really worth your dollar? I did some research and compared a couple of brands/items here on the blog (so that you don’t have to).

Wide range of shopping choices from 2000 products!


1. California Baby

Agape Babies specialize in California Baby! Personally I love its calendula range because of its smell. I use the Calendula Cream (just picking out one item from its huge range available) on Little Chuck’s body when he was a newborn because it offers deep hydration and offer daily protection for his delicate skin.
… from – USD 21.49 + shipping cost [exchange rate about 1.3]
… from Agape Babies – SGD 29.90, cheaper and delivered directly to your doorstep. Best of all, Agape Babies has a value-for-money package deal! 3 tubs for SGD 86! Each 4oz tub will cost only SGD 28.70!

2. Lansinoh

I have used this before because I personally prefer to store the extra stash of breast milk in bags rather than in bottles. My freezer has limited space!


… from – USD 7.02 for 25 + shipping cost [exchange rate about 1.3], each is about SGD 0.37
… from Agape Babies – SGD 17.90 for 50, each is about SGD 0.36The difference is in insignificant, but when it comes to breastfeeding, there are some things you need it immediately and storage bags may be one of them. iherb will take about a week to reach you while Agape Babies delivery turnaround is as fast as lightning – from my experience, it’s a next day delivery. The same goes for pump accessories! If you are a Medela pump user, Agape Babies has stock on its accessories. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to wait for weeks to replace a broken tube or a split membrane!

3. Sophie the Giraffe

Who hasn’t heard of this famous giraffe with 100 natural rubber and food paint? Okay, for those who haven’t, this is a popular teether for babies.
… from – USD 19.35 + direct free shipping if total purchase value is over USD 125 [exchange rate about 1.3]. Approximately SGD 25.20
… from Agape Babies – SGD 31.90. It is more expensive but you know what, it comes with a gift box and an extra keychain, making it perfect as a presentable gift! I’ve ordered from Amazon before but it was a disappointing experience because the packaging was partially destroyed as they packed it in a simple padded envelope. I trust Agape Babies’ packaging because they use sturdy carton boxes to pack your loots in.

4. Ergo Baby Carrier

… from – USD 114.95 + USD 24.22 direct shipping [exchange rate about 1.3]. Approximately SGD 180
… from Agape Babies for black with camel lining – SGD 152.10. Price beats hands down.

* * *
My list could go on but I wouldn’t take the fun of comparing prices and deals from you savvy mommies. For me, this was what I ordered from them – value pack of 3 19oz California Baby Calendula shampoo and body wash, 1 tub of 4oz California Baby Calendula cream, and a box of milestone baby cards! I was initially concerned about the expiry dates of the baby toiletries (because the twins are only arriving early next year). It turned out to be 2017, phew! And, don’t even get me started on how excited I was to receive the milestone baby cards :)

There is free courier with minimum $80 spend and a free Disney stationery set with every $120 spend. This is not difficult to hit, especially when you can also get milk powder and diapers from them. They have Huggies, Mamypoko, GOO.N, Friso, Similac, Gain IQ etc. Agape Babies has partnered with The Sunshine Kids as part of their multi-store concept, they have quite a good range of girls’ clothing, but too bad for me, the Chuck family is going to have all boys! Anyway, do keep a lookout for contests and giveaways on their Facebook and Instagram @agapebabies.

DISCOUNT CODE for Mommy Chuck’s readers! :) 

Quote ‘mommychuck‘ to get a 5% discount! The code is valid for 4 weeks (from 07 Oct – 04 Nov) and excludes breast pumps, diapers and milk. Have fun shopping and save big!

Disclaimer: I received store credits from Agape Babies for the purpose of this review. All opinions are of my own. Prices are accurate at the time of publishing this post.


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