Pigeon Breast Pump Pro Review – 28 Customizable Speed and Pressure!

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Pigeon Breast Pump Workshop

Late last year, I was invited to an interesting workshop conducted by PIGEON about their latest range of breast pumps – the Electric Breast Pump Pro, Electric Breast Pump Portable and Manual Breast Pump.

It was an intimate affair with a few blogger moms and we did a candid sharing about the woes (and joys) that breastfeeding brought. I shared about my short 6 months breastfeeding journey with my firstborn. How I wasn’t equipped with breastfeeding knowledge as a first-time mom. How going back to work affected my supply. And how unsure I am about my next breastfeeding journey with the twins. Twins leh, can produce so much milk for 2 babies meh?

Nevertheless, it is nice to know that a company like PIGEON firmly believes in the benefits of breastfeeding. Based on its extensive research in its R&D department and a collaboration with KKH, they came up with the new range of breast pumps that are designed with the Asian mum in mind. The findings revealed that there are differences in nipple diameter between local races and also within the same race. As a result, every pump comes with funnels in two sizes: regular (23mm) and large (27mm).


Image Credit: New Age Pregnancy


Unboxing PIGEON Breast Pump Pro: Pump motor, main body with its soft cup & cap, flanges & Comfort ProperFit™ Soft Silicone Cushion in 2 sizes, suction tube, tube connector, 2 silicone valves, milk bottle with its cap & sealing disk, milk bottle stand, AC adapter.

I was given the Electric Breast Pump Pro to review, but I could only do it after the twins’ arrival (of course, if not where to find boob juice to put it to test?) and have been using it for 3 months. Initially, I didn’t think much of this single pump compared to my two other double pumps – Ameda Truly Yours I used for my first pregnancy, and my new Medela Pump In Style Advanced which is highly-raved for its suction power. Who would have thought that the single PIGEON pump actually complements my breastfeeding habits better than the others, AND still doesn’t lose out in terms of suction power!


Pigeon Breast Pump Pro on display

As a stay-at-home mum, I latch the twins most of the time. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t need an efficient breast pump. I find myself reaching out for the Electric Breast Pump Pro when I need to empty the breasts or reduce engorgement, OR when a breast suffering from sore and cracked nipples, which unfortunately happens often, OR when I simply need a rest from latching all the time. It’s hard work.

Highlights on its Features

(1) Maximize milk flow with its Comfort ProperFit™ Soft Silicone Cushion

This silicone cushion covering the breast flanges is a feature I haven’t seen before in the pumps I’ve used. I must say it is rather innovative because it is designed to be air tight and moulds easily to the breast, be it soft or engorged. If I use it without the silicone cushion, it tends to create air leakage and drops of precious liquid gold may leak out at times. Great feature to have!

Each breast pump set comes with silicone cushion in 2 sizes – regular (23mm in diameter) and large (27mm in diameter), each allowing itself to be locked around the edges of its corresponding funnel size.


Testing out the Breast Pump Pro and trying to fit the silicone cushion comfortably around the rubberized breast.

(2) An essential 2-minute Stimulation Mode for milk let-down

A well-designed breast pump, in my opinion, is where it is able to mimic a baby’s natural sucking rhythm and helps a mom empty her breasts like a baby would. PIGEON’s breast pumps now come with 2-phase technology – a 2 minute stimulation mode that sends a milk “let-down” signal to the breast to initiate milk flow, before it moves on to its usual expression mode.

Although the stimulation mode is not something new among the pumps I’ve used, it is a new feature compared to its predecessor and it is definitely an essential feature for the breast to prepare for milk ejection. There are 2 different speeds to choose from – Slow mode (MODE 1) or Moderate mode (MODE 2). I prefer the faster mode because it suckles just like one of my impatient babies!

(3) 28 customizable pressure and speed expression

Impressive. 28 varying levels of suction power and speed to choose from, with 7 pressure level settings and 4 suction speed. Once you find out your favourite combo that helps you express milk in a shorter time, you’ll be able to get the hind milk (the important fats to keep them full) out more quickly.


Customizable settings

What I like about PIGEON Breast Pump Pro?

The best feature of the pump that impressed me has got to be its highly customizable 28 levels of pressure and speed expression. It lets me level down on suction whenever I have sore nipples (hard suction = pain) and I could level up a notch in speed if I’m in a little hurry. On the other hand, I wish that the pump can remember my favourite setting so that I don’t have to keep adjusting when it reaches the expression mode.

Another nice feature of this pump is that is has a digital timer on its LED screen. It shows the pump duration and it’s great for sleep-deprived moms like me because we don’t have to watch the clock anymore. You can just go about doing things on your phone and look back at the screen occasionally!

The Pigeon Breast Pump Pro must be one of my quietest pump. I blogged about being annoyed by the noise of my previous pump I used at my workplace 3 years ago. If I am still a working mom today, this pump might have just save me some embarrassment! Well for now, I love the quietness of the pump because it doesn’t wake the babies up. Waking 2 angry babies up at the same time spells disaster!

And for those who wish that this comes as a double electric pump, I heard it is in the pipeline. So stay tuned!

Where can I buy PIGEON’s latest range of breast pumps?

They can be found in all major departmental stores and baby specialty stores. The Electric Breast Pump Pro is retailing for S$279.

Disclaimer: We received a complimentary set of PIGEON Electric Breast Pump Pro for the purpose of this review. All opinions are of my own.

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