What’s in your Diaper Bag? Twins Edition


Packing a diaper bag IS rocket science when it comes to twins. When you have to carry two (or more) of everything, it is time consuming, easy to forget something, and it always feels like you never have enough SPACE (cheesy pun intended, haha!).

My first official baby bag was the Kate Spade Barrow Street Anabel Baby Bag in hot pink. It was a great roomy bag but I soon figured it was too heavy for lugging around. A suggestion for new moms – don’t get diaper bags in hot pink because your hubby won’t be getting close to it, much less carry it!

After the twins arrived, we haven’t got any diaper bags specifically tailored for them but here’s what I did. I have 2 bags, one that goes with me everywhere and a bag that stays in the car. Typically, the bag that stays in the car gets refilled only if we take something from it. It also contains things like extra blankets, extra clothes, extra diapers – you know, the stuff for backup and a sense of security.


So far, this has been working out well for me. The bags are messenger style in plain army green colour and the husband is more than happy to sling it on! Until I find the perfect twin diaper bag, here is a list of what I pack for my 4 month old twins.



1. Diapers – I pack 1 diaper per baby for every 2 hours. So if we want to spend 6 hours at Grandma’s, I will pack 6 for the twins. And a few more just in case a poop-tastrophe happens.

2. Baby Wipes – No mom can do without wipes. We use Pigeon’s Moisurizing Cloth with One Hand System. It is a bit expensive but I like it because it is soft yet thick enough to do “scooping” of things. It’s also easy to pull out the wipes with one hand, compared to those stickers on the travel packs that can be a pain to open when dealing with squirmy babies!

3. Changing Pad – It comes in handy when I need to change the babies in places that I’d rather not put them down without one. Just one piece will do, the likelihood of changing 2 babies at the same time is almost zero.

4. Extra set of clothing per baby – For ocassions when cleaning up a mess requires a sanitation crew, and the soiled set needs a hazmat disposal team. If we’re taking the babies out at night, I will also throw in extra sets of pajamas so we can have an easier transition to bedtime.

5. Extra plastic bags – To hold those poopy outfits or soiled diapers.

6. And an extra t-shirt for ME!



7. Nursing cover – For baby Jonas who is 100% breastfed. I use a fully-covered one made of cotton jersey from Mummy’s Love for that extra discretion whenever I nurse him in public. In any case, I don’t think my entire brood will be welcomed in nursing rooms when we are out!

8. Bottles – For baby Jordan who is 100% bottlefed (breastmilk or formula).

For formula feeding, I will have 2 Pigeon bottles filled with cool boiled water, 1 thermal flask filled with hot water, and measured out formula in separate dispensers. I usually prepare 1 feed for every 4 hours and an extra feed just in case, and more if our trip is longer. For breastmilk, I will use Yoomi bottles and will have the baby consume it within an hour of the trip.

9. Wash cloth – Two pieces to wipe off the drool, spit up and what not.

Mom Things


10. Wallet – Obviously, I need cash and cards.

11. Mobile phone

12. Shades – Need these when driving under the scorching hot weather.

13. Point and Shoot Camera with wifi – I try not to leave home without a proper camera that takes crisper photos than the phone. Okay, I’m that annoying Facebook friend with 234732262 kiddo photos.



14. Ringslings – 1 for each baby, a FirEssence Woven ringsling and a Cloth of Kin Firework handwoven wrap converted ringsling. Also doubles up as a nursing cover or a blanket whenever I forget the actual one.

15. Blanket – Aiden and Anais blanket when the weather gets cold which rarely happens in Singapore, or when we are strolling in the mall. I love Aiden and Anais blankets because they are made of a thin material and I can pack them tightly so they don’t consume all the space in our bag.

16. Pacifiers – A must-have to prevent meltdowns. And a clip to attach the pacifier to their clothing. I wouldn’t want them to be sucking on a pacifier that’s been dropped on a grimy floor.

Of course, the contents of this bag are ever-changing as the needs of the twins change. In a few more months, we’ll need to pack snacks for them. Tomorrow, Jonas might decide he has enough of the boobs and we have to lug more bottles along. It’s constantly evolving, but this is a good picture of where we are at with 2 four months old babies.

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