Pigeon Moisturizing Cloth, Luxuriously Soft yet Thick

All my three babies are blessed with smooth skin. On their bums, that is. They’ve never had any episodes of bad diaper rash. All thanks to them inheriting their good-skin genes from ahem yours truly, us believing in good quality diapers and using good quality wet wipes. I think our babies’ bums deserve nothing short of the royal treatment.

Twins using Pigeon Moisturizing Cloth for the early days of their lives

When I had my firstborn, I’ve tried almost every brand of baby wipes available. I went through baby fairs scouring for wet wipes deals and buying them in bulk whenever they go on sale. It turned out that some were too rough, some were too dry. Some were too smooth to wipe off any poo efficiently, some had me frustrated at pulling off a chain of wipes because they stick together.

When the twins came along, I had the chance to use Pigeon Baby Wipes – Moisturizing Cloths on them for 6 months. The wipes are now extra thick and soft, they aren’t called wipes anymore. They are now called CLOTHS!

Why we Love Pigeon Moisturizing Cloth

The Magic Ingredient – Lanolin!

Some wipes contain substances that are aimed at protecting baby’s skin and soothe irritations. Lanolin is one of the most common ingredients used to form a protective barrier on the surface of the skin to minimize diaper irritation. This is specially useful for newborns and babies up to 6 months as they have frequent bowel movements and need special moisturizing care. Now that the twins have passed their half year birthday, I must say their bums have been very well protected by this magic ingredient on Pigeon Moisturizing Cloth.

A Textured Fabric catches poo easily!

If you are accustomed to cleaning up bums after bums, you will find that a textured materials will make it easier to accomplish the task. The Pigeon Moisturizing Cloth comes with this unique lattice weave that does its job very well. On the contrary, a smooth-surfaced wipe will make it harder to clean up the mess because it doesn’t catch those particles as efficiently.

Easy One Hand Flip Top!

With 2 babies, I always wish I can clone myself or have 8 arms and 10 legs. But no, I am only a human with 2 hands and 2 legs. Sometimes we need to depend on gadgets and features like these one-hand flip top feature to do a simple job like getting some wipes to clean my babies. At 3 am with half closed eyes, you’ll really appreciate it.I like it that only one single wipe pops up every time and there is no chained wipes. I also like it that its closing mechanism works well – it seals the moisture in for the rest of the wipes after pulling out what I need. These really help to prevent wastage!

What I think about Pigeon Moisturizing Cloth
These are not the cheapest wipes around but they are luxuriously soft yet thick enough to clean up poo and mess. The lanolin cloths also give a good layer of protection against water and hence, bacteria. My babies have never had diaper rash when using this product. Highly recommended for newborns and babies with sensitive skin.

Pigeon Moisturizing Cloth

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#twins #7months

This post is a collaboration between Pigeon and Mommy Chuck.

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