Surviving the Fear of my Twin Pregnancy

There is a curiosity about a pregnancy with twins. I think it is amazing. A body is creating more than one person at once.  Not only is there the mind blowing fact that two eggs have been fertilized, the body knows exactly how to create two placentas, two amniotic sacs, more blood, more amniotic fluid.

When I was told I was pregnant after but there were in fact two little people growing inside of me, it was a moment of joy, excitement and bewilderedness.  Just when I thought I can close one eye for my second pregnancy, it is now going to get a little harder. The first thought that came to my mind “Just how do I handle 2 babies at the same time?!”


Second pregnancy. It’s not going to get easier!

I was also worried. Naturally. The logistics issues about caring for newborn twins – and the costs involved in raising them. Fear set in during the last few week of my pregnancy when I could barely move without fainting and I knew that I had a 3-yo toddler depending on me.

I gained about 20kg during my pregnancy. I’m not tall – 1.6m, so that meant by the second trimester, strangers eagerly remarked I’m must be due anytime! *horrified!* In the final months, my front grew so heavy it hung to my thighs. When I walked, I had to carry my midsection. I feel lucky if I can successfully lift one leg in front of the other in a sequence of motions! Ok I’m exaggerating about lifting the leg part… but seriously, it felt like I waved goodbye to my lower back functionality.


Pregnant with twins, and becoming a whale!

I gave birth to my twins at 37 weeks 1 day via a cesarean. It was a little of a wait-and-see game as one twin wasn’t growing well as expected –> has got to be Jordan, the lighter twin! I also showed signs of pre-eclampsia, high blood pressure – but it is perfectly normal for pregnant twin moms. This is considered great for us to make it this far. The average number of gestational weeks is between 35 and 36 weeks. All pregnant twin or multiple moms have the same worry, that they are more likely to into preterm labour and the various complications that come with it. However, we all know there is no way to control this.

Letting go of my fear is the hardest thing to do. Instead of spending sleepless nights over it or letting it steal the joy of being pregnant with twins, spend more time to take care of the body, feel them playing together inside you and be well-informed about the what-ifs. Well, at least that was what I tried to do.

To make this exciting (yes exciting!) time as comfortable as possible for any twin pregnant moms, I’ve compiled some ideas here.

Pillows. Pillows. Pillows. Just surround your body in a cocoon of large, fluffy pillows and fill them in every crevice of your body. Under your feet, knees, behind you back, on your sides. It’s ironic but the most uncomfortable I have been has been lying down at night. It’s like once you’re already loose body relaxes, it just gets a tad more painful when you try to move again. So go on mama, hoard those pillows!

Stock up on bedside snacks. My husband did this job well. He always made sure there are nuts, dried prunes and most importantly, WATER, at my bedside every night. You will realize that hunger has never been so strong, as those the sweet little pair wants to prep you for those early morning feedings. Read: Healthy eating tips during pregnancy. Water, you just have to make a constant effort to chug it down, every day. It includes a run… to the bathroom every 5 minutes.

Ask for help. This one is a difficult one for me as I was pretty independent when it comes to taking care of my 3-year-old. It has taken me to the last trimester to really stop and accept that I can’t help around the house and with my preschooler as much as I want to. We had to send him to a full day childcare and had my husband do all the heavy lifting work for him. But once that happens, everyone felt great. Wow, right?! So, ask for help!


The hubby that went oh-my-god. Photo by Studio Memories.

Have material ready for restless nights. Besides snacks, have some reading material next to you and get ready for those hourly wake up calls. Books on sleep training twins, news on phone, reading blogs, anything. Read something and by realizing you are never going to sleep again you will happily close your eyes and drift off. Read: Tips for a good night’s sleep.

Cherish these last moments. Enjoy the babies thriving right inside of you. Use this time for rest, a time spent with family, catching up with friends, online shopping! Read: Making use of Me time. So as much as you feel like you have reached the end of your road, enjoy these last few weeks of holding onto these little peas safely on the inside. Before you know it, they will be on the outside reeking havoc… Soon enough, they will be staring at you waiting to feed, change, play and tend to them! Those are a lot of eyes looking at you at once. Trust me.


Twins are born on 16th January 1.33pm! The end of my twin pregnancy and onto the next phase!


Yawns, are we out already?

The twins have just passed their 2nd birthday. Looking back, it has been a real roller coaster ride, but I wouldn’t change this for anything else. Cheers to motherhood!

* * *

Disclaimer: This blog post is in collaboration with Friso.

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