Mad Science 5th Birthday Party

On Jaden’s 5th birthday, we wanted to throw him a party that is a little more unique than the usual cartoon-themed ones. Previously, we had a Thomas theme and a Christmas theme but guess who had to do all the work slaving over Pinterest to plan for the dessert table, create materials for decoration and source for things to fill the goodie bags? Me!

It’s fulfilling but tiring. So, if you want to sit back for once and let someone else run the show, go for the super fun and refreshing science parties organised by Mad Science Singapore. They will bring all the party apparatus to your party venue. All you have to do is secure a location and invite the kids, and they will provide the entertainment! Tada! Great fun with no mess – another win-win!

Science parties are a great way to get kids excited about learning. Through the fun hands-on experiments and activities, Jaden and his friends had a blast at his Icky Gooey Bubbly party in school! Even his teachers and friends’ parents were raving about how the Mad Scientist kept the kids so captivated!

Through the cool chemical reactions, wacky experiments and explosive fun, the kids discovered the effects of alcohol on fire, the water absorption power of carbon dioxide and how dry ice bubbles come about! Jaden became the Mad Scientist’s assistant and his eyes opened in delight as the chemical reactions happened right in front of him.


Mad Science Icky Gooey Bubbly party set up. Kids got so excited by the sight of this!


Watch when the Mad Scientist burns money, but it remains unscorched!


Delightful Jaden at his own party


Invite a friend up and let’s solve the mystery of the disappearing water!


Assisting the Scientist to show his friends the absorbent powder that was used.


Everyone gets oodles of bubbly Dry Ice fun! This includes tasting the Big Burp potion (sublimated carbon dioxide smoke). Even their teacher can’t resist taking a pic!


Volcano eruption!


Kids squealed in delight they got to play with the foam


This is my personal favourite, Dry Ice Balloons! How I wish to join in the fun too!


I guess nothing beats the joy of seeing the kids enjoy a party this much 😊


Dry Ice Balloon, Jaden was apprehensive at first! Mad Scientist wanted to give him a surprise from the back, haha!


The kids also get to experiment with making their own Mad Science Slime, which they get to take home!


Fun with Icky Gooey slime!


Filling up the Thermocolour cup, which turns blue when it reaches 12 degrees celsius.


The Mad Scientist toasted Jaden and everyone drinks out of their cold blue cups, CHEERS!

I guess the photos speak for themselves! The experiments by Mad Science really spark imaginative learning and provide a truly spectacular and unique experience for the children. As a parent, I would highly recommend a Mad Science party for your kids!

Many thanks to Mad Science for making Jaden’s 5th birthday party extra special. You guys look like you’re on a mission to put an end to boring birthday parties 😊.

To find out more about their programs and birthday parties, click here. They have many other fun science themes like Dinosaurs, Space Frontiers or Air Blast!

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Quote GiGi when making a Mad Science party booking at your kids’ school!

T&Cs: Applicable for Monday to Thursday and held in school. Minimum spend $580 (A Party with Dry Ice add-on is $580). Not valid for school holiday months of June and November.


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    It’s been awhile since we had a party like this. We all know that learning takes place best when kids play. What a wonderful party where kids learn and play together. Thanks for sharing!

  2. says

    G enjoys doing science experiments, I am sure he’d love to have this kind of party. Belated Happy Birthday, Jaden! Looks like you had a blast!

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