3 Magical Milestones A Mum wants to Remember

A baby’s life is full of milestones: first solid foods, first words, first steps… These moments are magical because my little ones do something new practically every day. All my 3 kids reach their milestones at different pace, in their own ways, on their own terms, and in their own style. As a parent, it is breathtaking to watch my kids’ milestones unfold, along with all that they signify. There is just no other word for it.

Yet, “life happens”, and despite best intentions to capture them on camera, more often than not these moments get lost in the shuffle. In this blog post, I try to delve into more details about the 3 major milestones for my 3 kids – their first words, first steps and first solids.

A Magical Milestone for Jaden

My firstborn had a slight speech delay. Many kids start yakking away when they reach age of one, but for Jaden, he wasn’t talking much for the first 22 months of his life. He could say only a few words like papa, mama, dada. He could also indicate what he wanted by pointing and signaling, and paying attention to others, but never moved on to anything further than that.

That got me really worried because no mother wants her child to be behind or suffer. I questioned if it was something I did wrong, or didn’t do. In fact, a few people I shared my concerns with blew it off as being no big deal – it’s not the end of the world and yes, kids develop at different rates — but for me, it was a big deal.

The turning point. Just as the pediatrician was going to give us a referral to a specialist around age two, the stars aligned and something just clicked. We went to Changi Beach to do some aeroplane-watching as Jaden was so into planes then. He uttered his first ‘proper word’ – AH-BEH (airplane or aeroplane) as he pointed into the sky!

It was an incredibly joyful moment for me! On hindsight, this one word made up for all the sleepless nights and stressful moments over his slight speech delay. This one word also marked an explosion in his vocabulary and the rest, as they say, is history. Jaden is now 5 and he can’t stop chattering, asking questions and interrupting my conversations with his brothers. Or, more accurately, he doesn’t shut up!


Jaden’s first word – AH BEH (meaning airplane or aeroplane) as he pointed up into the sky

My First Steps Milestone with Jordan

Our baby’s first steps will probably be the most anticipated, most talked about, and most remembered moment of their early years. It’s one of those things I just can’t wait to happen! Jordan started walking at 13 months, about a month ahead of his twin brother. Jaden, his elder brother, started walking at 13 months too. So what’s the big deal, since it is not my first time seeing my kids achieve this milestone?

The difference is, when my firstborn took his first steps, I wasn’t there to personally witness the special moment. Regrettably, I had to view it through a video on my phone, which my mum who was then his primary caregiver, sent it across (#workingmomwoes). After making the switch to staying home, I hoped to witness some of the milestones with my twins. I wanted to experience the excitement of not knowing when the babies will take their first steps and when they do, whether or not I’ll have my camera in-hand for the special moment.

Jordan made this moment happen.


The moment before Jordan stood up and took his first steps. That look on his face!

Jonas’ First Solid Foods Milestone

Introducing solid foods is one of the most exciting (if messy) milestones of my kids’ first year. Think of all the tastes and textures that await your little one — from savoury cheese to juicy watermelon to creamy avocado.

Jonas is a happy independent baby who made my baby-led weaning experiment a success! There is something special about watching my babies enjoy their first solid foods.  Waiting to see their reaction to the new flavours and textures, interacting with them as they learn to chew and try to use a spoon… starting solids is definitely a milestone to remember.

It had been a joy watching them (Jonas in particular) take his first solid food and eat with gusto! He enjoys trying new foods (much more than his twin brother), even if a good portion of them ends up on his bib, the tray or the floor.


A milestone to remember – Jonas in his early weaning days at 7 months.

Share with me, what thoughts raced through your minds when your babies hit their milestones? Conflicting feelings? Do you think they are growing up too fast? Happy and elated?

* * *

Disclaimer: This blog post is in collaboration with Friso.

Kids learn from experiences whether big or small, good or bad. That’s why Friso provides the right nutrition for your child to be strong inside to take on challenges. For more information on Friso, follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

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