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My twins are two. Yet, I still suffer from lack of sleep very often. They take turns to get sick and this results in very intermittent sleep at night –  imagine the night symphony I face!

Thanks to parenthood, lack of sleep has led me to develop an itchy scalp and dandruff problems. There is simply not enough blood circulation in the scalp which eventually weakens it. Hence, my scalp becomes vulnerable to fungal growth thus leading to dandruff
There are many haircare products in the market that claims to solve my scalp problem but the problem is, they do not get to the root of my problems. Luckily, I got my hair and scalp assessed and treated by the hair experts at TrichoKare. Their award-winning treatments use European herbal hair remedies and are customised based on my hair and scalp conditions. So hair loss, itchy scalp, dandruff? No problem, they can help.

Trichologist scanning the health condition of my scalp

What is Trichology?

In layman terms, it is the branch of dermatology that deals with the scientific study of the health of hair and scalp. The role of a trichologist? He or she is a hair and scalp specialist who diagnoses the causes of hair fall, hair breakage, hair thinning, miniaturization of hairs ; diseases of the scalp and treat according to cause.

Sounds like a hair doctor to me! So, how did my hair treatment go? All went well until I saw the magnified condition of my scalp! It was horrifying!


Being explained how dandruff come about. Stress. Lack of sleep.


Horrified at the condition of my scalp! Dry flakes of dandruff! On the good side, the trichologist mentioned my hair is rather deeply rooted and spaced closely – it means I don’t have hair loss problems.


Infra Red heat treatment to zap it off!


Massaging the scalp so it absorbs the goodness of the herbs used in TrichoKare treatments


Before and After

After just one treatment session, my scalp felt and looked a lot cleaner – no more pasty build-up. I can clearly see the healthy roots now! The follicles also looked healthier. My scalp was perfectly free from itch the whole day. Coming from a mom who’s been tackling perpetual lack of sleep and itchy scalp, this is a huge relief!

Of course, my trichologist advised I do need to maintain this clean state of scalp with healthy living habits and diet, which will work well with multiple times of TrichoKare’s scalp treatment and get to the root of my hair and scalp problem! So kids, spare mama and let me have more sleep, pretty please?

Seems like I am one of the many thousands of customers whose hair and scalp health health has been regained by TrichoKare. Many celebrities including Xiaxue, Mediacorp’s Jaynesh and Anand, have visited TrichoKare to have their hair problems solved. TrichoKare’s effective customised hair treatments can be attributed to the numerous awards it has received in the previous year:

ELLE Beauty Treat List 2017 – Best Treatment For Hair Loss
Her World Spa Awards 2016 – Best Treatment For Damaged Hair
Harper’s BAZAAR Hair Awards 2016 – Best Sebum-Regulating Treatment for Oily Scalp
The Singapore Women’s Weekly Hair Awards 2016 – Best Anti-Ageing Hair Treatment



herbal trichokare

TrichoKare’s products contain Premium European Herbs that are trusted by European herbalists for centuries. These are some of the natural active extracts found in TrichoKare European Herbal Hair Remedy – no harsh chemicals!


Thank you TrichoKare, now my scalp feels squeaky clean!

proven results final


TrichoKare @ OrchardGateway.

So if you are looking to get to the root of your hair problems, I have good news for you!

TrichoKare is currently offering its award-winning Hair Densifying Treatment @ $40. This includes a FREE FolliGRO Ampoule + Energy Serum, with a total value of $743! Limited to the first 30 readers, click here to sign up now!

More Details

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Hotline: 6-3388-680

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but all opinions and pictures are of my own.

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