How I use Canon G3X to capture shots of my kids

As a mom blogger who takes load of pictures for the family, smartphone cameras are incredibly convenient, because you always have them available, and they have become surprisingly good for their size. However, I find these cameras don’t capture the level of detail I might like, especially in low-light situations and for occasions when I need a good close up of my objects.

I have been trying out Canon Powershot G3X for the past month on the kids and bringing it out for media or family events. The G3x is a compact camera but is relatively large because of the size of its power lens (25x 24-600mm which is a 35mm equivalent zoom lens if you need to go into the technical details) and its large 1-inch sensor. I love the quality of the pictures it took. It is certainly surpassing the typical compact camera and going well beyond my normal smartphone.


Super Zoom Lens of Canon Powershot G3X

I want to share some pictures which I took with my new bff – Canon Powershot G3X. Yes it is a lot more bulky than compact cameras but now that the kids are a bit grown – for example, no more babywearing, no more breastfeeding, lesser kids’ stuff in diaper bags, I have a little more space in the bag to hold this beauty gadget. YAY right? :)

I like to go outdoors with my kids, so I love to capture their natural expression while they focus on what they are doing, instead of getting distracted by a camera phone shooting at them from a short distance. Especially when it comes to my toddlers, once I whip out my phone, they think I’m going to show them YouTube videos! No!

With the G3X’s super lens, I could find a shady spot and sit comfortably from afar . Like in the park. Or at during swimming lessons. I love to create bokeh effects on some of my photos, I think they give a sharp and intense focus on my object. To achieve this, I either used its power 25x lens to zoom in or set the f-stop/aperture to a lower number to capture my kids.


In the park with Jaden. There were freestanding ramp structures which he wanted to navigate.


Check out the bokeh :) It is not always easy to keep the picture steady at the longest zoom, but in general I am rather impressed at its quality of shots at long range zoom.


If the object is near your camera, the bokeh effect can still be achieved. Just zoom or set aperture to lower number.


Jaden at swimming class. It was a really hot day, so I was hiding under the umbrella quite far away.


I am still able to capture details of his coach training him in his arm strokes, and blur out the background.

When it comes to the twins, speed is of essence. I always find myself taking blur photos of them, simply because they won’t stop and pose for you. And of course, they move around too much! I played around a little with its speed shutter settings to capture these photos.


Jonas at the playground. I am so lucky to capture this moment :) Thanks to G3X!


As for Jordan, he is a little harder to capture because he runs at lightning speed. Am glad to capture this mood shot at the water playground, love that I can see his wet hair clearly LOL!


Bokeh in the foreground. Happy Kids = Happy Mamarazzi

I found a lot of the little touches on the camera to be quite nice. There is an articulating touch screen that pops out, so it is good for taking pictures while holding the camera above your head, or just for positioning the screen so you can see it better on a sunny day. WiFi, which connects the camera to the Canon Connect app on either an iPhone or Android, worked quite well. All decent cameras usually come with WiFi, I definitely do not have time to transfer photos here and there when I need to post quickly onto Instagram!

There are many features of this cute gadget which I have yet to discover, and many techniques which I have yet to put into practice. I will be blogging more about them for the next couple of months. If you have any questions about the camera, you can leave a comment here or drop me an IG message!

Still, if you mamarazzis want a simple camera with a very good sensor and a long zoom lens, the G3X is an interesting choice. It’s not pocketable, but it is lighter than an equivalent DSLR setup. I found the pictures to be quite good, especially in the situations where you can’t get as close as you’d like to be. Follow me on my G3X journey here!

Disclosure: This blog post is in collaboration with Canon Singapore. All opinions and photos used in this post are solely my own.