Kinder Shoko Bons Crispy makes Bonding Time a lil Sweeter

Bonding isn’t about big gestures, but the everyday stuff that makes up life. Chatting with them while I’m doing the laundry or during meal times can be just as good times to connect as days out and special occasions. Like with any relationship, it’s all about finding common ground.

However busy the days get, I try to invest in time with each and every boy. Take away the time we spend as a family, I do not have much left to divide among the three but I know one-on-one time is important. So when I do, I want us to have quality time and fun together. Especially with Jaden, my first born.

This is the time when I learn more about his love language, develop trust with each other and try to truly understand his ways. I bring him out for zoo outings, bento-making sessions, basketball classes, and while I’m at it, I make it a little sweeter with the occasional Kinder Shoko Bons Crispy :)

Krispy Bons

Jaden is a big chocolate fan and imagine his surprise when I present the new Kinder Shoko Bons Crispy as a little treat during our zoo trip.

“Mama, this milk chocolate is so yummy! Can you hear the crispy sound when I bite?” he exclaimed.

Individually packed to ensure hygiene, this crisp and milk chocolate coated wafer comes with a milky and cocoa filling that is simply irresistible. It is shaped like a candy, so I feel it’s a right portion size treat for the family and super convenient to bring out. It is easy to open it by pulling the tab and turning it around – see the video on my Instagram post! You have to experience the melt-in-your-mouth rich flavour of Kinder Shoko Bons Crispy!

Kinder Shoko Bons Crispy

Individually packed, hygienic!

Kinder Shoko Bons Crispy

Perfect bite sized treat for my little one

Kinder Shoko Bons Crispy

Now this is hard to keep away from the prying eyes of the twins. Who shall I choose for my next bonding session?

So, more to family bonding and one-to-one bonding time with the 3 kids? I’m sure all of them will react with a resounding YES!

* * *

This blog post is in collaboration with Kinder Singapore. All pictures and opinions are of my own.

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