About Me

Hi and welcome to Mommy Chuck!

I’m Geraldine from Singapore, wife to my best friend Charles, and a stay-at-home mom to 5 year old boy Jaden and a pair of 2-year-old twin boys Jordan and Jonas. Join me on my parenting journey raising our 3 boys. No doubt it will be challenging but I hope it will also be an adventure filled with much joy and rewards!

How did Mommy Chuck come about?

I blog about my own parenting journey, capturing the perfect and not-so-perfect moments of motherhood. I also write about our traveling stories, our family activities around this sunny island, and my reviews on kids products (both of our own and sponsored reviews).

I started this space in 2011 to capture every detail of my first pregnancy and to collect memories and milestones of our firstborn as he grows up. I have been blogging in various phases of my life since 2003, but I knew I needed a new space to chart a new phase – our family’s adventures, a space where we can proudly call ourselves “parents”.

I love to take photos so you’ll always find plenty with each post! The downside of always being the person behind the camera is, I don’t always get to be in the picture. So, I wrote a reminder post for myself to try to get into pictures with my family whenever I can!

I hope you like sticking around here. Please feel free to leave me any comments or if you like to contact me personally, email me at gigi.geri@gmail.com.