A Letter to my Firstborn


Jaden turned FOUR last December. I figured it doesn’t take much to make a kid happy on his special day – a Transformer cake, some balloons and we’ll have the grandparents over. That’s it, cosy and simple. But as I went along, I thought, “Hmm… he is old enough to remember his birthday party now. […]

Proud Mama Videos

Little Chuck’s pace of learning and picking up skills is amazing me.Out of the blue, I felt that the world has changed! He can now walk, communicate better with everyone and has a mega-elephant memory! Before I let these videos go way too dated, I shall post them here! Son, Mama is so proud of […]

Mamma Mia!

Yesterday, I reached a new high in my motherhood journey. Little Chuck finally said “mama” – clearly and with recognition in his eyes! Prior to this, Little Chuck had been saying random “ma’s” and “mum-ma’s” – as fun as that was, they were just another sound to add to his baby chatter of meh’s, aah’s […]

3 Things my 9 Month Old Enjoys Doing


Throughout Little Chuck’s 9th month, I’ve blogged a bit about him scooting around and working out those major muscles. Other than being able to crawl forward with much ease now, I thought I will blog about 3 other things he also enjoys doing at the moment. 1. Say Ma His first word is Ma! Mama […]

4 Great Discoveries – What Repeating things for a Zillion Times can do


Long weekends allow us to spend quality time with the little one and here are 4 great things we have discovered about him last weekend! I know I missed a 7-month update about his developmental milestones but I shouldn’t be too hard on myself to stick to the timeline, so I’ll do it as and […]