Surviving the Fear of my Twin Pregnancy


There is a curiosity about a pregnancy with twins. I think it is amazing. A body is creating more than one person at once.  Not only is there the mind blowing fact that two eggs have been fertilized, the body knows exactly how to create two placentas, two amniotic sacs, more blood, more amniotic fluid. When […]

Jaden’s Birth Story


My firstborn’s birth is one of my most precious memories. That natural birth with epidural is a lot different from the C-section with the twins. I remember labour and childbirth in a much more intimate way, including the pain and contractions during labour. I arrived at the hospital at 4cm dilated and it only took another short 4 hours […]

Twins' Birth Story


With all the things that happen in that whirlwind of time directly following the arrival of the twins, I finally found the moment to catch a few breaths and write their birth story. As one of the twins was in breech position, it was considered “safer” to go for a cesarean and mine was scheduled […]

5 Things I’m thankful for in 2014


My first post in 2015 starts with giving thanks for 2014. Here are 5 things I’m thankful for 1. My twin pregnancy which didn’t come easy. I underwent 2 IUI (intrauterine insemination) fertility treatments before we were successful on the second cycle. After I blogged about my own TTC (trying to conceive) story, some friends […]

1st and 2nd Pregnancy, What’s the Difference?


There’s something about the first pregnancy that is just sort of magical. The nine months of one-to-one bonding with your child is simply precious and will likely remain unmatched for the rest of your life. Meeting my firstborn for the first time. How will I feel meeting my twins for the first time? Being pregnant […]

29 Weeks Baby Bump Update: Breech Twins


We are now at 30+3 weeks. All went well for our 29 weeks visit to Dr Choo. The twins are of a good weight, the bigger one at 1.4kg and the smaller one and 1.3kg. As long as their growth is on track, I’m happy! We’ve crossed a milestone at 28 weeks – when viability skyrockets! […]

First Letter to my Twins


Dear baby twins, This is mama’s first letter to both of you. I have so much to tell you, especially since we are progressing so well along this pregnancy. Now is a good time to pen down these happy thoughts, because you are just about 25 weeks old. We have reached the first major milestone […]

Do twins run in your family? Are your twins natural?


The number one question I received after the announcement of my twin pregnancy was, “Do twins run in your family?” It sounds innocent enough. Some people are really curious, but in other instances, I realized they wanted to ‘check’ if the twins are ‘real’. What they really mean is, “Are your twins naturally conceived or […]

Twins Gender: Boy boy, girl girl or boy girl?


I had bet on a boy and a girl based on my own instincts. But I’m wrong and am soon going to be VERY outnumbered at home. My twins are both BOYS! *hurray!* … and *GULP!* I’m thrilled at the thought of my house being filled with 3 loud and silly fun-loving boys. 3 times […]

We are Expanding


Yup you see it right, our little family of 3 is expanding to 5. I’m very happy to announce we are now expecting a pair of twins! The surprise came during the 8 weeks scan. My ob/gyn was routinely rubbing her hand held scanning device on my lower abdomen but this time, her eyes lit […]