Wonderland – an Immersive Theatrical Children’s Show

Wonderland Jr cover

In what has been a successful and momentous launch, Andsoforth Junior presents “Wonderland”, a children’s play based off Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we say “Alice in Wonderland”? White Rabbit? Queen of Hearts? Adventure? For fans of this classic story, join Alice and friends as […]

Art Day Out 11 March 2017 at Gillman Barracks


Gillman Barracks is a budding place for art lovers, art collectors, and those curious about art. The cluster is a premier art destination for international and southeast asian art and is now home to international and home-grown galleries, design retailers, an array of cafes, bars and restaurant. It kind of reminds me of Beijing’s 798 […]

SAFRA Punggol & Splash@Kidz Amaze Indoor Water Playground


Punggol is out of the way for us but when I heard that Singapore’s first indoor water playground is housed in Safra Punggol, we know we have to make a trip up. Jaden has since became a Little Punggol SAFRA explorer! There is something for everyone at SAFRA Punggol – from pizza-making to art enrichment lessons. Come check […]

Alive Museum + Giveaway!


Have you been to Alive Museum, Singapore’s largest illusion attraction? Our family a fun time exploring the magical effect of optical illusion art and posing for photos with the handpainted art pieces in the museum, even the one year olds enjoyed the visit! There are more than 80 masterpieces, of which 9 are locally themed and unique to […]

Uncle Ringo Carnival


A few weeks ago, I took Jaden to a fun carnival at Uncle Ringo, which is part of this year’s i Light Marina Bay. I figured he would find some of these rides more exciting than going round and round on his little Tomica car at home. Besides, which 4 year old kid doesn’t like amazing thrill rides that […]

Kaboodle Kids, Building with Giant Blue Blocks


What if children built their own playground? Unlike toys, which often are limited in the number of ways you can play with them, blocks are open-ended. Chances are, these big blue Lego-like foam blocks at Kaboodle Kids (East Coast Park Big Splash) are nothing your kids have ever seen before. They are oddly formed with unique, […]