My Yoga Class


Yoga is great exercise during pregnancy. I have been attending prenatal yoga lessons at Inspire Mum & Baby at their Tanjong Pagar branch, I must say I feel refreshed / stretched after every session! The instructor makes sure the right parts of your body are toned and focuses on some techniques for breathing. Quoted from […]

5 Food I Miss Most after I got Pregnant


This is listed down in increasing order of preference. #5 Pineapple Rice – I could probably do without pineapple (the fruit itself) as I was never a big fan of it, but I love pineapple rice when it comes to Thai food. I will sheepishly ask Daddy Chuck if I can have pineapple rice whenever […]

Of Heartburns, Teas and Manuka Honey


I’ve been suffering from minor heartburns recently – the feeling is such that a small amount of acidic substance seeps up and down my throat. I also burp quite a bit, sometimes with a big relief. I’m either eating too much at a go or just blame it on the hormones! The scientific explanation for […]

Little Chuck’s Skin


I spent an evening’s time to look for a suitable “baby blogskin” for Little Chuck’s blog. My criteria is that it should have pastel colours, not too girlie (or pinkish), something simple preferably with 2 columns and has enough blog space to put up proper 480-pixel pictures. It’s been many years since I’ve used Blogspot, […]

26 Weeks Visit to Dr Choo


Oh dear I have gone MIA from this blog for the whole of my very wonderful 2nd Trimester, oh well it’s never too late to catch up still My tummy has grown “somewhat bulging” to “protruding” now, from the size of a cantaloupe to a soccer ball and now, the size of a basketball! At […]

Cruising onto my 2nd Trimester

I’m in my 2nd trimester now! Phew everything is going on alright, including ok results for Oscar Test. Nausea is almost gone, no more throwing up and loves eating spicy and sour stuff now. Tummy not showing as yet and I still look more fat than preggie!

Little Chuck’s heartbeat


It’s the first time we hear Little Chuck’s heartbeat! He’s now only 0.53mm – that’s like a very small pea! From its size, they measure the gestational age as 6 weeks 2 days and estimated delivery date is 5th Jan 2011 We were delighted to see the tiny flickering light during the ultrasound and the […]

Parents’ Reactions

To my mum over the phone Me: 你要做婆婆了! Mum (shouts with joy): 真的吗!这么快! 太好了! Me: 但是才一个月,不能跟别人说 Mum: 呵!那我不是一直会跟自己偷笑?! Me: 哈哈!你做梦都会流口水! To my dad over the phone Me: I have good news for you! Dad (as usual thinking abt his iPhone): what? You bought an iPhone for me? Me: no! You are going to be a […]