Cruising onto my 2nd Trimester

I’m in my 2nd trimester now! Phew everything is going on alright, including ok results for Oscar Test. Nausea is almost gone, no more throwing up and loves eating spicy and sour stuff now. Tummy not showing as yet and I still look more fat than preggie!

Little Chuck’s heartbeat


It’s the first time we hear Little Chuck’s heartbeat! He’s now only 0.53mm – that’s like a very small pea! From its size, they measure the gestational age as 6 weeks 2 days and estimated delivery date is 5th Jan 2011 We were delighted to see the tiny flickering light during the ultrasound and the […]

Parents’ Reactions

To my mum over the phone Me: 你要做婆婆了! Mum (shouts with joy): 真的吗!这么快! 太好了! Me: 但是才一个月,不能跟别人说 Mum: 呵!那我不是一直会跟自己偷笑?! Me: 哈哈!你做梦都会流口水! To my dad over the phone Me: I have good news for you! Dad (as usual thinking abt his iPhone): what? You bought an iPhone for me? Me: no! You are going to be a […]

Official Day – Little Chuck is created


After testing positive for 3 days on HPTs, we were officially confirmed by a beta HCG that we are pregnant! We are overjoyed! A recap of the 3 tests: The first HPT on 28th Apr (15 DPIUI) looked like a faint line. I was already feeling elated cos this is the first positive after many […]