Dapple – Safe for my Kids’ Mess


I have 3 children in the house so it is very important to me that I keep things clean and prevent the spreading of germs. Naturally, I become picky when it comes to choosing of cleaning agents and detergent, especially when it comes to the kids’ bottles or clothes. I could use some toxic chemicals […]

5th Month Visit to PD Sitting Up


A typical visit to the PD will go like this. We schedule the PD visits so that we can be the first visitor on Saturday mornings. It is exactly the same arrangement with gynae visits with Dr Choo Wan Ling because being the first means that we don’t have to wait for a long time […]

Mummy’s wrist gave way


After months of handling Little Chuck, mummy’s wrist finally gave way. You know how as a first time mother, you aren’t very sure what is the best way to carry a baby, the best position to have the baby latch on, or the best angle to hold the baby during his bath – so mummy’s […]

The Challenges of a Pumping Mom


It has been one month since I’ve been back to work, it also has been one month of handling the daily logistics of expressing milk at work. Seriously, it can be quite a handful, it is no wonder mothers are often said to be absent-minded and that no amount of ginko nuts can help, that’s because […]