Mad Science 5th Birthday Party


On Jaden’s 5th birthday, we wanted to throw him a party that is a little more unique than the usual cartoon-themed ones. Previously, we had a Thomas theme and a Christmas theme but guess who had to do all the work slaving over Pinterest to plan for the dessert table, create materials for decoration and source […]

A Letter to my Firstborn


Jaden turned FOUR last December. I figured it doesn’t take much to make a kid happy on his special day – a Transformer cake, some balloons and we’ll have the grandparents over. That’s it, cosy and simple. But as I went along, I thought, “Hmm… he is old enough to remember his birthday party now. […]

Jaden is 3


I have always loved birthdays. My mum always made a big deal of them. Not with cakes or presents, but making it a point to remind me, year after year that on this particular day at this particular time, she was having labour in the hospital.  “十年前的今天, 我在医院。。。”  “二十三年前,下午两点,我在医院准备要生你。” “三十四年前的今天,我生你是不用麻醉针的。” … which translates into  “This […]

Merry Christmas – I have a lot of presents!


We kept Little Chuck’s birthday presents under the Christmas tree and decided to unwrap them on Christmas Day (although some were done way before)! Should be a good tradition to keep, we had a blast opening up the presents. Feels like a child again, heh! My birthday and Christmas presents Elephant tent from Grandma – […]

Look Whoo’s One


Dear Little Chuck, Mama thinks doing up your first birthday party is a big deal. You may not remember this day but this marks mama’s first year of motherhood! Getting through the first year of your life is a huge accomplishment, it has been hard work that deserves a little celebration! The most enjoyable thing […]

Attending a Birthday Party and Planning One


We attended a friend’s daughter’s 1st birthday and it was a blast. It was held in a condo’s function room, the food’s fantastic, there is a mini playground area with slides and balls and each child gets to bring a party pack home! We tried to get Little Chuck into the sea of balls but […]

Happy Birthday Papa


We had a simple celebration for the simple man! Family photo Little Chuck is excited at the lit up candle Blowing out the candle. Very soon, this scene will repeat itself when Little Chuck turns one. Receiving gift from Mama. Happy like Hershey’s!